Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EKG During Sleep Study


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He studied 40 patients by having them do 3 sleep studies, each at 61 degrees F, 69 degrees F, and 75 degrees F, but in random order. The results showed that the OSA severity was significantly higher at 61 degrees versus 75 degrees. But, the patients slept 31 minutes longer and slept significantly better in the 61 degree room. Also, those in the coldest room reported the most alertness the next morning! These results are confusing as you might think that the more severe the OSA, the lower the sleep quality and less alert someone would be the next day.

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I came across your blog when I was searching for sleep medicine and saw a post you did for student doctor network. I was surprised when I saw that you did your residency at WVU...I am currently a psych intern at WVU. I'd be interested in striking up a dialogue with you with regards to the field. If interested, you can email me at agsmith2 at

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