Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogging Nursing Student Expelled

Kevin MD posted about a nursing student who was expelled for blogging about a child birth she witnessed. I encourage you to read his post, as I am too lazy to summarize it:

After going through several links, I finally found the original blog post:

There are certainly some things in Yoder's (the nursing student's) post that can be considered mildly objectionable. However, I don't see why everyone is getting so excited about her description of the newborn child. All the blogs discussing Yoder quote these lines:

a wrinkly, bluish creature, all Picasso-like and weird, ugly as hell, covered in god knows what, screeching and waving its tentacles in the air,”

However, no one quotes the line immediately following:

"15 minutes later it turned into a cute pink itty bitty little baby girl"

I'm glad Nina Yoder won her lawsuit against the University of Louisville.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I am not a Borderline

Even though I detest Obama and feel that he is destroying this great nation, that does not mean that I have a psychiatric illness (see my comment on this Kevin MD post: