Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

I probably won't be posting much more on this blog. I hope to continue posting periodically to sleepdoctor.

I will continue on Facebook, at my own site as well as visiting and occasionally posting at the Reggie White sleep sites (including Tupelo Sleep Diagnostics, the old name of Reggie White Sleep Disorder Centers- Tupelo)

(A note to any of my patients who are reading this: although I am unable to be Facebook friends on my personal site with any of my patients, I do encourage you to visit the various Reggie White sites on Facebook)

For you poker players out there, I am often on the WSOP Facebook app.

thanks to all who have read this blog over the years

Merry Christmas


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Hey Doc,

Do you have any opinions on sleep apnea machines? Ive heard they work in the short term, but can cause longterm problems :(

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