Sunday, January 02, 2005

Would you like a side of fries with your CABG?

Hospitals are struggling with the problem of whether to allow fast food:
"It becomes a philosophical question that has to be answered in every hospital. Do we serve healthy foods because we're in a health care facility, or do we serve what the customers are interested in having?" said Joyce Hagen-Flint, president of the AAHCSA. "There are hospitals all over the country that have fast food outlets."
It's not uncommon for hospitals to earn money by leasing space to food court companies or restaurants.

I personally have no problem with a hospital serving "fast food" as long as healthy options are available. This can be a problem in the South, where everything is "chicken-fried."
I must admit that I have come to develop a particular hatred for McDonald's. In their advertisements, McDonald's likes to pretend that they have all these healthy alternatives available. Then when you get to the actual McDonald's, it's not available. There is a McDonald's at the rehab hospital directly adjoining the University of Mississippi Medical Center. When I arrive for work (anytime between 6:30 and 8 am) and try to buy a fruit-and-yogurt parfait, I am usually told that they are not ready yet or that they are out of them. I have never seen them run out of, or not have available, sausage patties.
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IBlogdius said...

Denny's used to have a healthy veggie burger. They sold one per day nationwide.

Fruit at your McDonalds might not sell frequently enough for them to be able to buy the minumum order.