Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Med Blog Spam

The following was e-mailed to many of the med blogs. Since I have nothing else I wish to post about today, I am posting the e-mail. Feel free to debunk it in the comments section.

DOD'S ANTHRAX VACCINE IS CAUSAL FACTOR OF GULF WAR SYNDROME OR GULF WAR ILLNESS"Vaccine-A" by Gary MatsumotoDear Elite Minds of the Blogosphere:We could greatly use your assistance in a matter of utmost urgency. And no thisis not another Nigerian 419 scam. Trust Me! :--). In my day job (paid) I'm acop (actually detective).The Homeland Security Polity Institute Group (HSPIG - isinterested in all things WMD including bioterrorism its agents and defenses. "Vaccine-A" a new book by Gary Matsumoto, a well-respected investigativejournalist, caught our attention. Matsumoto is reporting that the DOD's anthraxvaccine is the causal agent for Gulf War Syndrome or Illness (Autoimmuneresponse and disorder). This is a complex medical mystery thriller thatunfortunately is not fiction. Matsumoto is reporting direct forensic evidence(smoking gun)exists to conclude the vaccine is the causal agent.The vaccine adjuvant, squalene, was found in lots of this vaccine known to causeGWS. Squalene is a known immulogoically active agent. The key evidence issqualene antibodies has been identified in GWS victims' blood and not in controlgroups. Evidence suggests that squalene was used as emulsion "carrier" agent innew recombinant vaccine. However DOD may have knowingly used squalene secretlyfor its immune "boost" to make their recombinant anthrax more active. Withoutthis "boost" the new recombinant vaccine takes 5 or 6 doses to give anyimmunity. Mucho bucks spent to develop this "pure" vaccine only to ?fizzle.? It appearssmall factions within DOD's USAMRIID "Lil Shoppe of Horrors", the NIH, andFerengi pharma capitalists have run amuck pursuing "utilitarian" ethics in questfor personal fame and wealth.Problem is body's immune system "tolerance" factor - too little squalene noimmune boost - too much generates squalene antibodies that indiscriminatelyattack both "foreign" and the body's own "sequestered" squalene in cellularwalls. When this happens, cells are gutted causing a whole cluster ofautoimmune related disorders as seen in GWS. See groundbreaking work by Dr.Robert Parry and Dr. Pamela Asa. (Attached zipped file with two research papersas PDFs)My wife who is a Dr. of PH, MPH and OTR, teaches medical ethics and has taughtbioterrorism preparedness for healthcare professionals. She has spoken withMatsumoto and Dr. Asa for many hours and finds them to be very credible,ethical, methodical, meticulous researches. Dr. Asa was involved in the siliconbreast implant litigation and mad the cross connection with GWS. Dr. Asa isalso "off the grid." She is not on Uncle Sam's payroll and her research is notfederally funded. HSPIG over the last several weeks has attempted to break this story into theBlogos to fact check and report this story to the American people who then candecide what is the truth and/or fiction.Please exam the info below and consider this a research question to bechallenged. This is your quadrant area of the collective human consciousness ofthe Blogos. Please share this info with your colleagues Please visit ourforums section for updates and further information under "vaccine area": you can visit Matsumoto's discussion board at:www.vaccine-a.comIf you decide what Matsumoto and Dr. Asa and others are saying is the truth thenyou need to hold your governmental, public health researchers, and industrycolleagues accountable for their total disregard of medical ethics.HSPIG is also tracking information that this vaccine technology has been used ina clinical vaccine trial in young children that resulted in injuries and deaths. A similar trial may soon begin in Japan. In short this could compromise confidence in critical vaccines necessary tocontrol the real scourges of mankind e.g., smallpox.Please see the attached email I just sent to John Hinderacer of Powerline (TimeMagazines Blog of the Year) that assisted in breaking Rathergate.Ron Wright, ModeratorHSPIG Forums*****From: Ron Wright <>TO: Informed Source <>Date: Wed Jan 19, 2005 09:26:22 AM PSTSubject: HSPIG LTR TO POWERLINE RE DOD ANTHRAX VAC ANTHRAX VACCINE STORY RE MATSUMOTO'S BOOK -DOD's anthrax vaccine causal factor of Gulf War SyndromeFYI - see the email I sent to John Hinderaker at Powerline yesterday. Pleasefeel free to share or forward in any manner you wish. The MSM is avoiding thisstory like the Plague. The MSM has failed the American people in itsjournalistic responsibility to report objectively the news of the day. The MSMwas given the right of the free press to serve as a watchdog by WE THE PEOPLE tohold accountable those who WE THE PEOPLE chose to govern.This is a story the American people need to hear in an objective manner so theycan decide what is the truth and/or fiction and hold our government accountableif necessary.REPORT THE STORY - and yes I'll will wear my "tin foil hat" if that's necessary.Ron*****From: Ron Wright <> TO: Power Line <> Date: Tue Jan 18, 2005 04:10:25 PM PST Subject: ATTN JOHN - ANTHRAX VACCINE STORY RE MATSUMOTO BOOKMr. Hinderaker, Thx for taking the time to listen to this story on the phone today. Here's athumbnail sketch. Sorry in advance for the amount of info I'm downloading here. My bloodhound nose has definitely detected several "big rats" in the works - asRoss Perot says, follow the money honey. HSPIG believes there is reasonable cause to believe that what Matsumoto's hasreported is true. Since the MSM is avoiding this story like the Plague, we aretrying to stir the Blogos to fact check this story and report it to the Americanpeople. With the MSM abdicating its journalistic responsibility that WE THE PEOPLE gaveit under the First Amendment to be our watchdog, WE THE PEOPLE cannot holdaccountable those who WE THE PEOPLE choose to govern accountable. We are attempting to fire off the Blogos on this story with its unimaginablepower/resources for distributive parallel processing like SETI. Here are some links on our site that will give a quick summary: CHALLENGE TO THE MSM TO REPORT "VACCINE-A" STORY [...]Read more in "power3" file attachedAttached files:Read more in power3 (MS Word .doc file)Letter to AIM (MS Word .doc file)Letter to Hewitt (MS Word .doc file)Research Papers (zipped file containing two PDF files)

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