Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Resident Frustrations

Mad House Madman, in voicing his frustration with the malpractice situation, writes:
Personally, I’ve had enough. You patients suck. I know you believe this shit and, unfortunately, I don’t think you’re worth it any longer. From here on in my primary goal is to protect myself. Even, if it’s at a cost to your health, time and energy. Deal with it.
Most residents get frustrated with medicine at some point during their residency. Although residency conditions are improving, the hours are still long and the malpractice situation continues to worsen. The sickest and most complex patients are transferred to teaching hospitals; residents have a great deal of responsibility. As someone who finished residency/fellowship training 1.5 years ago, I can understand Mad House Madman's frustration. But a resident can't turn his anger at the system against his patients. A resident who continues to feel this way needs to get some counseling and/or reconsider his career options.

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