Wednesday, December 01, 2004

An Interesting Statistic

Mississippi's major newspaper, the Clarion-Ledger, has an article about HIV today-

According to this article, "As of Dec. 1, 2003, Mississippi had 7,387 residents living with HIV. Of those, 1,072 are males and 2,314 are female. Another 4,001 are in those considered transgender. "

This must be a mistake. I can't believe that there are more transexuals with HIV than men and women with HIV combined.


Carol said...

I can'e believe there are that many people in Mississippi who identify themselves as 'transgender'. Have you ever been to Mississippi? I mean, that's just like asking to be shot.

Carol said...

Ok I realize that of course you've been to Mississippi and are in fact probably there right now. But really most people have never been there and might imagine that it's the kind of place a person who is "transgendered" could be at peace. Really really not true, eh?

Michael Rack, MD said...

Mississippi is not the most friendly place towards the transgendered community. We are definitely a "red state."

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