Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogging Nursing Student Expelled

Kevin MD posted about a nursing student who was expelled for blogging about a child birth she witnessed. I encourage you to read his post, as I am too lazy to summarize it:

After going through several links, I finally found the original blog post:

There are certainly some things in Yoder's (the nursing student's) post that can be considered mildly objectionable. However, I don't see why everyone is getting so excited about her description of the newborn child. All the blogs discussing Yoder quote these lines:

a wrinkly, bluish creature, all Picasso-like and weird, ugly as hell, covered in god knows what, screeching and waving its tentacles in the air,”

However, no one quotes the line immediately following:

"15 minutes later it turned into a cute pink itty bitty little baby girl"

I'm glad Nina Yoder won her lawsuit against the University of Louisville.


Anonymous said...

totally unrelated to this post, but I came upon your website when i googled boards and fail. i'm about to retake child psych boards this coming weekend, which totally sucks. i'm just wondering if you finally passed your psych boards?

Michael Rack, MD said...


yes, I passed in 2007.

good luck with your child psych boards. Hopefully you'll pass this time, but if you don't google "Beat the Boards"

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