Friday, December 26, 2008

Buying a Senate Seat

Those in the know are saying that Caroline Kennedy won't get appointed to the empty New York Senate seat because she hasn't donated that much to New York politicians.

On the other hand, Illinois governor Blagojevich is fighting to keep his job and stay out of prison after being accused of trying to sell Obama's former Senate seat.

I guess the lesson here is that if you want to buy a Senate seat, you need to start spreading the money around far in advance of the seat being open, and you can't just give money to the governor who will be appointing you, you need to spread the money around to other state officials in the governor's party. I guess it's illegal to directly buy a Senate seat, it has to be done indirectly and there can't be a quid pro quo.
One of the main problems with medicine today is that the rules are made by corrupt lawyers and politicians, and not by doctors themselves. Why is it considered improper influence if a pharm rep gives a doctor a pen (this practice will stop Jan 1, 2009), but it's perfectly fine for a lobbyist to give $1000 to a politician's re-election campaign?

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