Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unethical Psychiatrists

An editorial in the NY Times today discusses the unethical activities of two prominent psychiatrists:

The company also drafted a scientific abstract on Risperdal for Dr. Biederman to sign — as if he were the author.... And it sought his advice on how to handle the uncomfortable fact, not mentioned in the abstract, that children given placebos, not just those given Risperdal, also improved significantly.
Dr. Biederman’s work and reputation have helped fuel a huge increase in the use of powerful, risky and expensive antipsychotic medicines in young people... Now it is hard to know whether he has been speaking as an independent expert or a paid shill for the drug industry.

The editorial also discusses Dr. Frederick Goodwin.


Anonymous said...
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Quiact said...

This specialty, Psychiatry, receives the most money from the pharma industry than any other physician specialty.

Anonymous said...

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