Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mississippi Psychiatrist Disciplined

The Clarion Ledger (Mississippi's main newspaper) reports:

A Brandon psychiatrist (Dr. Stanley Russell) who has been scrutinized over three decades for allegedly prescribing large quantities of addictive narcotics should not be allowed to continue practicing even with new restrictions, the mothers of two former patients say.

The board found in its most recent investigation of Russell that he had again violated rules and regulations. It agreed, however, to restrict him from writing prescriptions for any narcotic or habit-forming drugs and to limit him to working at the Region 8 Mental Health Center in Brandon, where he had been a part-time staffer. The consent agreement also calls for his work to be reviewed and his care of patients evaluated.

Dr. Russells's private practice has been closed down and he has been limited to working at the local community mental health center, without the ability to prescribe controlled substances. I have several patients who were previously being treated for their psychiatric problems by Dr. Russell and their opioid addiction by me, in my suboxone clinic. I have ended up taking over the psychiatric care of some of these patients.
(in case any prospective patients are reading this, let me mention that I am no longer accepting new psychiatric and/or suboxone patients, but I am seeing new patients with sleep problems).


Anonymous said...

I understand why the medical board is trying to save it's own you know what because they should have taken away this sociopaths' ability to interact with patients decades ago. That is why so many of his files from all of the previous places he has been shuttled to and from are all sealed. I know that the culture of doctors is to believe that they are somehow higher than everyone else and that is why they should police themselves, but people are dying because of this croaker and no one wants to take him down because then it would bring to light every unethical and illegal activity that this person has done and how the medical board refused to take any meaningful action because they didn't want to be made to look bad or reveal that they were aware of what this guy was doing and they hushed it to protect themselves. Afterall, who's going to miss a few drug addicts? He probably thought he was doing society a favor. This man is a criminal but you have made him untouchable and the blood that is on his hands is on yours as well. I'm one of those "throw-aways". I'm a recovering drug addict, I have lived in MS for 6yrs, I have been sober for five of those. I used to work with at-risk youth, I took many of them to Region 8, to see Dr. Dousche, whom I respect and see as competent. But to put Russell in there, afterall it's just poor people speaks to the overwhelming desire by you doctors to save yourselves from ridicule no matter how many people die as a result. You took an oath. YOU TOOK AN OATH !!!!

Baldwin said...

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