Sunday, March 23, 2008


The billing for my outpatient sleep practice as well as for Somnus Sleep Clinic (sleep studies) is done by eHealthTech. eHealthTech is stationed in MS, but handles medical billing and physician practice management across the country. I highly recommend eHealthTech to physicians of all specialties.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

I have read various threads on your blog and find your interests similar to mine.

I completed a residency in family medicine-Psychiatry and completed an ACGME fellowship in sleep medicine. I do 100% sleep medicine.

My ideal practice will be to offer both peds and adult sleep medical care, and behavioral sleep med. My training involved peds sleep.

I am an options investor.. began trading metals and commodities since residency. I traded silver at $9 per oz

I am seriously thinking of going solo. Peds sleep studies will always be facility based I think. I will like to know how you made the transition from a W2 employee to a businesss owner


Michael Rack, MD said...

CN, thanks for reading. In the next week I will post about making the transition from a job (in my case, in academia), to being a business owner.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I am curious Michael as to what makes eHealthTech standout? I am working on my own practice management software but with a distinct and interesting twist.

Michael Rack, MD said...

savvydoc, I don't know too much about the practice management software, though my office staff likes it. The collections of my private practice and the collections of the sleep lab (Somnus) have improved since we outsourced our billing to eHealthTech. The personal service of eHealthTech makes them stand out.

SHYLA said...

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