Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Quantum State of Cheney

Normally I try to avoid non-medical political commentary on this blog, but I found this Tom Tomorrow cartoon too clever to skip (try clicking on the cartoon or click here if it is too small to read). Although Tomorrow's politics are the opposite of mine, this is one of the best political cartoons I have seen and therefore I'm going to feature it today.

I find the field of quantum mechanics to be fascinating, though my my limited mathematical background only permits a superficial understanding.

If one subscribes to the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, one could imagine billions of parallel universes, a few in which Cheney is all executive or all legislative, but most containing a Cheney who is a mixture of executive/legislative. There would also be some in which Cheney is neither, and Gore or Kerry is President- a scary thought.

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Ed said...

Worlds where Gore or Kerry were inaugurated? OK, I can imagine that, as fiction. Worlds where either is still in office? You exceed my ability to suspend disbelief.