Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stanford Bans Drug Company Gifts to Doctors

Kevin MD links to an article about a new policy at Stanford:
Stanford University Medical Center will prohibit its physicians from accepting even small gifts like pens and mugs from pharmaceutical sales representatives under a new policy intended to limit industry influence on patient care and doctor education.
The policy would also apply to sales representatives from makers of medical devices and other companies, not just pharmaceutical companies. Company representatives would be barred from areas where patient treatment and doctor education occur, with some exceptions.
“We want to secure the public trust to value what happens in academic medicine,” Dr. Philip A. Pizzo, dean of the Stanford School of Medicine, said in an interview.
Stanford academic physicians will continue to be able to accept speaking fees (which can be up to $5000) for drug company dinners and CME seminars, but the residents won't get $1 pens. This really restores my trust in the Stanford University Medical Center Physicians.


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