Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Slate Comes Out in Favor of Tanning

From www.slate.com:
You can't stop tanning; the best you can do is help people control it. Toward that end, the industrialization of ultraviolet light is a blessing. It gives us the power to clarify, modulate, and customize dosage. Salons need oversight to make sure they help clients understand and manage this power. But if you shut them down or lock out teenagers, be prepared to enforce a dawn-to-dusk curfew or face an epidemic of skin cancer. If you liked back-alley abortions, you'll love backyard tanning.
For those of my readers in their teens and twenties, my advice to you is not to tan. If you do, you'll be sorry 5-10 years from now when you develop wrinkles. And there is always the risk of skin cancer.


Tanning Lotion said...

I agree tanning needs to be regulated, but not outlawed. Tanning is a great thing for many people as long as it is done in moderation. Never over do it when tanning outdoors or in a tanning bed and always use a good tanning lotion.

mchebert said...

There are few things that make me more ill than the tired anti-abortion argument, ban abortions and you will drive them underground, thus making things worse. The same argument has been make for drug use (esp. marijuana), tattooing, gambling, drinking, political campaign financing, chiropractic, accupuncture, prostitution, and cockfighting.

So I guess society has no choice but to legalize everything that people might do in private under more dangerous conditions than they would in public. Beastiality brothels, here we come!

Tanning Lotion said...

It is funny about the backyard tanning, because there actually is a lot of that going on. Every year when they come out with these anti-tanning articles in all forms of media, they find some 13 year old bimbo that tanned by Daddy's pool for 8 hours a day and then tanned in her Mom's tanning bed for an hour using the hottest tanning lotion she could find, and then and only after 3-4 years of this obsessive behaviour something bad happens. You know I bet if the same girl went to her OB/GYN docter as often as she tanned that she would have adverse effects also, does this mean we are going to ban Gynocologists? Of course not, that would be stupid, same as banning tanning.

Anonymous said...

I'm really regretting the fake baking I did as a teen. My dad now has melanoma. I'm afraid I may be next.

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