Thursday, February 09, 2006

No Need to Thank Me

I saw an ad by the American Medical Association in Time magazine that said:
"...when was the last time you let your doctors know how much you appreciate all they do for you...we have created some thank you cards that you can download..."
This makes me embarassed to be a member of the AMA, which I recently joined because it was required for a local insurance network. The AMA should not be asking patients to thank its members. A physician advocacy organization should not be going around begging patients to thank them.


mchebert said...

I think this is the AMA flailing around to improve its image. The AMA has been somewhat justifiably criticized for being little more than a glorified lobbying organization. It is trying to improve its image by promoting the human side of medicine.

I don't think it is a good idea. Doctors generally enjoy the support of their communities. The AMA should focus its efforts on improving medical education and on extending healthcare to the uninsured.

The AMA is going on PR life support.

TW said...

I suspect that most physicians would not prefer such 'thank you' cards. There is an edge of condescension?sp
Physicians lead the healthcare team; and in that capacity it is important that they ensure that other members of the team feel appreciated.
I may be too sensitive about this; but it strikes me as subtlely belittling and undermining of the physician leadership role.
For example: At Christmas time employers thank their staff; a reciprocal solicitation would demean the employer.

Get a Brain said...

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