Sunday, December 18, 2005

Disclosure for Medical Bloggers

Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei writes (via Shrinkette):
I encourage all science and health bloggers to write a post answering the following 10 questions posed by The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health:
1. Who runs this site?

Michael Rack, MD
2. Who pays for the site?
The site is provided free by Blogger. I get about 15 cents a day from google adsense for this site and sleepdoctor combined. I often work on this site on "company time" (East Mississippi Medical Center)
3. What is the purpose of the site?
To provide medical information and commentary to doctors, medical students, and patients. I also publish this site to gratify my ego.
4. Where does the information come from?
Some of the info comes from what I learned in medical school, residency, and in my medical practice. Other information comes from various newspapers and industry publications.
5. What is the basis of the information?
See #4
6. How is the information selected?
I link to interesting articles I see on-line, often in the New York Times. I sometimes comment on what I read in other medical blogs.
7. How current is the information?
It is fairly up to date
8. How does the site choose links to other sites?
I try to link to reliable information- medical blogs with good reputations, notable newspapers.
9. What information about you does the site collect, and why?
I check google adsense several times a week to see how many visitors there are and how much money I have made.
10. How does the site manage interactions with visitors?
Visitors can leave comments to each post. I try to answer each serious comment. In the near future I will try to learn how to delete spam comments.

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Hsien Lei said...

Thanks for joining in, Dr. Rack! I've added you to the honor roll.