Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Quest for Gas (Jackson, Mississippi)

This morning I got into a line for gasoline that was almost a quarter of a mile long. After going about 30 yards in 30 minutes, I left.
Most of the pumps have electricity now, the problem is a fuel shortage. Most of the gas stations in the Jackson area are out of gas. I heard that there is gas in Canton (about 20-30 miles north of Jackson), but I only have enough gas in the tank to drive 10-15 miles.
Earlier today, I thought that the easiest way to get gas might be to get a rental car with a full tank. I reserved a rental car at the local airport on-line, and even arranged a ride from a resident to pick it up tomorow morning. However, it turns out that the car rental companies are out of gas too.
Little work is being done today at the hospital. Everyone (including myself) is obsessed with electricity, gas, and ice. Some areas are starting to get electricity (not me), but the gas situation is not expected to get better until after the Labor Day holiday.

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