Friday, April 15, 2005

Teaching Psychotherapy

Ten things to avoid when teaching psychotherapy (from an interview with Dr. Glabbard in Psychiatric News).

Teach psychotherapy as though it is isolated from the rest of psychiatry
Use "straw man" arguments to denigrate psychotherapeutic approaches that are different from your own
Teach psychotherapy as a discipline that demands theoretical purity rather than creative eclecticism
Assign nonpsychiatrist faculty to teach psychotherapy to residents
Avoid illustrating theory with clinical examples
Avoid letting them see you sweat
Teach professional boundary issues and ethics as rigid rules isolated from clinical struggles
Ignore all psychotherapy research
Worship at the altar of evidence-based therapies
Protect residents from the "dirty business" of patient fees

Most psychiatry residency programs are guilty of using psychologists and social workers to teach residents psychotherapy.

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